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Discontinuity Layout Optimization is a recently developed computational limit analysis procedure which provides visually clear failure mechanisms and accurate predictions of the associated margin of safety. At the heart of the DLO procedure is a simple yet robust and highly efficient algorithm that can identify the critical failure mechanism from... Read more
Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO) is a recently developed numerical limit analysis procedure, which can be programmed relatively easily. Here the demonstration MATLAB script for geotechnical problems using DLO presented at NUMGE conference, Norway, 2010 is provided. Sample output Example 1 - undrained retaining wall dlo(9, 6, 0, 0, 2, 5,... Read more
The BRICK model is an advanced elasto-plastic constitutive model for soils and has become a recognised tool for modelling ground behaviour, following its implementation into the finite element program SAFE. The model can reproduce many essential elements of soil behaviour, which is viewed from a strain-based perspective. An analogue for... Read more