Geotechnical Engineering Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Dr Manoj Menon

Lecturer in Soil/Environmental Science

+44 (0) 114 222 5752

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Kroto Research Institute (F11)
Sheffield, S3 7HQ


My research interests include biotic (microbial and plant roots) interactions in soils, soil physics and hydrology, soil compaction, soil biogeochemical cycles and non-invasive imaging applications (X-ray and neutron imaging)

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PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (2006)
MSc Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi (1999)
BSc Kerala Agricultural University, India (1997)


Berli M, Ruiz SA, Aravena JE, Bolduc L, Ghezzehei TA, Cook DP, Menon M, Tyler SW, Young MH (2011). Simulating rhizosphere structure alterations using finite element calculations. European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna.
Rees R, Robinson BH, Menon M, Lehmann E, Günthardt-Goerg MS, Schulin R (2011). Boron accumulation and toxicity in hybrid poplar (populus nigra × euramericana). Environmental Science and Technology, 45 (24), pp. 10538-10543, Abstract: Poplars accumulate high B concentrations and are thus used for the phytomanagement of B contaminated soils. Here, we performed pot experiments in which Populus nigra × euramericana were grown on a substrate with B concentrations ranging from 13 to 280 mg kg-1 as H3BO 3. Salix viminalis, Brassica...
Menon M, Yuan Q, Jia X, Dougill AJ, Hoon SR, Thomas AD, Williams RA (2011). Assessment of physical and hydrological properties of biological soil crusts using X-ray microtomography and modeling. Journal of Hydrology, 397 (1), pp. 47-54.
Menon M, Parratt RT, Kropf CA, Tyler SW (2010). Factors contributing to nitrate accumulation in mesic desert vadose zones in Spanish Springs Valley, Nevada (USA). Journal of Arid Environments, 74 (9), pp. 1033-1040.
Menon M, Parratt RT, Kropf CA, Tyler SW (2010). Factors contributing to nitrate accumulation in Mesic Desert Vadose Zones in Spanish Springs Valley, Nevada (USA). Journal of Arid Environments, 74 (9), pp. 1033-1040.
Menon M, Berli M, Ghezzehei TA, Nico P, Young MH, Tyler SW (2009). Visualizing the impact of living roots on rhizosphere soil structure using X-ray microtomography. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts.
Berli M, Menon M, Ghezzehei TA, Pillai N, Regentova EE, Nico PS, Young M, Tyler SW (2009). A Step Towards Unraveling Rhizosphere Physics. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 1 (soilwaterrootpr).
Oswald SE, Menon M, Carminati A, Vontobel P, Lehmann E, Schulin R (2008). Quantitative imaging of infiltration, root growth, and root water uptake via neutron radiography. Vadose Zone Journal, 7 (3), pp. 1035-1047, Abstract: Water infiltration into vegetated soils is affected by interactions between soil properties and plant activity. Water uptake by plant roots depends on the soil hydraulic properties and infiltration rate. In turn, roots are important water movers and induce nonuniform water content distributions...
Moffett KB, Tyler SW, Torgersen T, Menon M, Selker JS, Gorelick SM (2008). Processes controlling the thermal regime of saltmarsh channel beds. Environmental Science and Technology, 42 (3), pp. 671-676, Abstract: Spatially and temporally continuous temperature measurements were collected over 32 h using a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system deployed along 330 m of two intertidal saltmarsh channel beds in northern California. Measured temperature gradients imparted ecosystem-scale...
Luster J, Menon M, Hermle S, Schulin R, Günthardt-Goerg MS, Nowack B (2008). Initial changes in refilled lysimeters built with metal polluted topsoil and acidic or calcareous subsoils as indicated by changes in drainage water composition. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution: Focus, 8 (2), pp. 163-176.